Slowing down to a holiday rhythm, Les Rives d'Argentière provides the perfect environment to awaken the senses, at the dawn of a new day, in the heart of the Alps.

The Les Rives team tailors personalised moments to match the desires of the day and the moods of the moment. An experience to live...

Rives pool1

Total disconnection in a breathtaking environment.
Live the postcard life!

Rives jaccuzi2

Submerge in a private jacuzzi after an invigorating walk in the mountains.

Rives room6

Comfort and calm, luxury and pleasure, a stay offering many possibilities!

Rives table

Celebrate and share moments together over a finely laid table!

Rives room5

A colour palette that leaves you dreaming!

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Pander yourself with our Hermès bath products.

Rives hammam

The hammam improves blood circulation, eliminates stress and toxins and clears the respiratory tract.

Rives food3

A well-deserved gourmet break at the Rives d'Argentière.

Rives room4

Wake up, take a step outside, look up and immerse yourself in the dream again!

Rives sauna

Sit back in the sauna, close your eyes for a real moment of relaxation.

Rives hike2

Enjoy the great outdoors with a ride in the company of sled dogs.

Rives lac

Take a hike and a beautiful escape to 'Lac Blanc' the white lake.

Rives hike3

Head for the summits, be on first-name terms with the peaks, set off on an adventure.

Rives room3

Each one of our rooms is a cosy cocoon where rest is king.

Rives golf

Play on one of the most beautiful mountain golf courses, with magnificent views to the Drus, the Aiguille du Midi and Mont Blanc.

Rives sofa

Curl up on a sofa, contemplate the mesmerising white blanket of winter snow.

Rives food

Let yourself be tempted by a gourmet salad, with tastes of the local region and of the season.

Rives view

Laze in the face of the eternal snow of the Mont-Blanc Massif.

Rives automne

Imagine a stay in a setting that invites a slower pace.

Rives pool2

Enjoy the marvels of the season.

Rives wood

Throw a log on the coals to enjoy a heart-warming blaze in the fireplace.

Rives winter

Precious rays of sun warm winter afternoons.

Rives jaccuzi1

The terraces and balconies at Les Rives promise moments of tranquility...

Rives ffod

We put colour on your plates. You'll savour plenty of healthy dishes.

Rives hike

A picturesque walk leads you to higher summits!

Rives room2

There is a sense of poetry in all our chalets, each room is unique at Les Rives d'Argentière.

Rives jfleurs

Precious moments with loved ones are engraved on the spirits.

Rives cham

Stroll around town, enjoy refreshments on a terrace, peruse the shops.

Rives terrasse

The table is set, enjoy a family meal and foster special memories.

Rives bouquet

Return from a bountiful stroll with a magnificent bouquet of wildflowers!

Rives tablee

Come together in a welcoming place, a space that offers warmth and comfort.

Rives outside

Your holiday chalet in the mountains!

Rives yoga

Practise yoga to relax and share moments together while staying in shape.

Rives Foret

Take "forest baths" instead of sea baths...

Rives room

"Sleep is the fuel of the man of action. »

Frédéric Dard