The Chalets des Rives, in the heart of the village of Argentière, are the new refuge of Catherine and Marc Berliet after spending their time around the world.

Marc and Catherine Berliet are the owners of these cottages, designed after spending many years abroad.

Marc, an engineer from the Arts et Métiers would have liked to be an architect, and with this project he is realising his lifelong dream. In 2010 the hamlet of "Les Rives d'Argentière" is born.

The concept of this refuge of monatgne finds its inspiration in a life spent in the four corners of the world. Each chalet expresses its own personality. The Chalet Terre and its ethnic decoration reflects a period spent in Africa, the Chalet Cristal and its modernism is the imprint of a time spent in San Francisco. For the other two chalets, Granite and Slate, they are in direct line with Savoyard tradition, as the respective families of Catherine and Marc came to the valley almost 100 years ago.

Marc Berliet takes care of his guests with passion and dedication to their well-being. Your host will give you all the information you need to make your stay unforgettable.